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motorcycle career change

Motorcycle Metamorphosis

BY KRIS FANT We recently caught up with three travel bugs who shared their stories about how riding a motorcycle upended their lives and pushed them into a new and vibrant career.  Facebook Comments


The Woman Behind the Elektrogirl

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE Trui Hanoulle, aka the Elektrogirl, a graphic designer and photographer from Belgium, has ridden around Europe, the Middle East and Asia more than most. She doesn’t call herself an adventuress, though. Facebook Comments

Cold Weather Riding

Keeping the Brrr Out of Braap!

BY KRIS FANT Hypothermia can strike unexpectedly. When I first started riding, I was on a day trip where the temperature dropped below 45 degrees. Facebook Comments

off-road skills

Set Up to Stand Up

BY KRIS FANT If you ask for off road riding advice, you will get many opinions. Most people agree that standing while riding off road is a useful skill. Facebook Comments

keep up

Keeping Up: Stop Pressuring Yourself

QUESTION: While I rationally understand that my husband is a better rider than I am, simply because he has a lot more years and experience under his belt, I still feel that I must be able to keep up with him riding off road, and

Women ADV Riders: freedom

Editor’s Letter

As world travelers, we’re in a constant state of marvel. As riders, we’re in constant pursuit of freedom. As women, we love to connect, share, and grow together. Facebook Comments

Chantal Simons and the chook chaser

Across Asia on The Chook Chaser

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE Chantal Simons has just completed one hell of a journey. She rode her Yamaha XT250 all the way from East Timor to the Netherlands, spending fifteen months on the road and covering over 28,000 miles overland. Facebook Comments