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The Tool Box

BY KATHERINE HELMETAG You are getting ready for your first big trip and you know you are going to have to bring some tools, but what to pack in your tool box? The first thing is your brain and your common sense.  

motorcycle ambulance Tanzania

Pikilily, Dream of an Adventuress

BY KRIS FANT Imagine you are on the bus in Tanzania, and you see a thirteen year old boy having a seizure in the street all alone. No one stops to help, your bus driver won’t pull over, and you know that even if someone

practical wheelie

To Wheelie or Not to Wheelie?

BY DUSTY WESSELS, WEST 38 MOTO What’s a practical wheelie, and when do you use it? Never, unless you are showing off! Seriously. Now, there is a time to lift or “loft” the front wheel, though. Most of the time this is used when getting


Micro-Start Sport Review

BY KRIS FANT Ever gone to start your bike in the morning, and realize you’ve left your heated grips on over night? Or your parking light on all day while you were at work? Enter the Micro-Start Sport! 

financial security or grand adventure

Riding RTW: now or after retirement?

Dear Lynda, We dream of a big adventure, going round the world on our bikes, but we’re not sure: go now, and risk our financial future, or wait until we retire and risk being unable to travel because of age-related health issues?