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Mental Momentum

Mental Momentum

BY KRIS FANT Have you ever been riding along just fine, then everyone stops, and find it hard to hit your stride again? Being sweep on a number of group rides, I’ve had a lot of time to think about the concept of mental momentum.

Motorcycle Meditation

Learning Meditation from my Motorcycle

BY KRIS FANT You can’t get through school in counseling psychology without delving into the concepts of mindfulness and meditation. Dutifully, after I graduated, I started attending a weekly Buddhist meditation over my lunch hour.

Women, Military, Moto

Women, Military and Moto

BY KRIS FANT Here’s an interesting statistic: Women make up 15% of the US military and 14% of Motorcycle Riders. What do Women, Military and Moto have in common? What follows are the stories of two Women ADV Riders who actively serve in the US military.

motorcycle ambulance Tanzania

Pikilily, Dream of an Adventuress

BY KRIS FANT Imagine you are on the bus in Tanzania, and you see a thirteen year old boy having a seizure in the street all alone. No one stops to help, your bus driver won’t pull over, and you know that even if someone