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Energy Boosting Snacks

BY KRIS FANT Off road riding can burn through calories quicker than you can say butt steer and whiskey throttle. Fortunately, there are some great energy boosting snacks designed for the intense work out that riding off road provides.

Double Take Mirrors

Do a Double Take: Sponsored Review

BY KRIS FANT Rolling down hill, loose rocks bouncing me left and right, I suddenly veer off the trail, and my bike lands on its side, the clutch perch tearing from my handle bars. Darn it!  I forgot to adjust my mirrors before taking off

Off-Road Training

Off-Road Training: Dirt Bike Safety Training

BY LOW-RYDA Off-road training can make the difference between barely surviving and truly thriving off-road. Welcome to the first in a series of articles where Women ADV Riders will be reviewing various rider training programs and interviewing their staff.