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Confidence Is a Verb

CHANTAL SIMONS “At 1.30 PM, I arrive at the river crossing. Parked on the side, I observe the situation. This is it, this is the 100 metres of rocky, bouldery, crocodile-inhabited challenge I have both feared and looked forward to for the past 1000 miles.


A Travel Guide: Touring Nevada by Motorcycle

With motorcycle dreams, the sky’s the limit, and there’s no reason you can’t make your dream destination a reality. One of the most common motorcycle dreams is to travel across the western US: There’s something particularly beautiful about being out in the desert on your bike,

GS Trophy

The Road to GS Trophy 2020

One of our contestants was a little girl who was passionate about ballet, one grew up on a 100 acre farm, and one is part of a powersports enthusiast family.  All of them are so passionate about motorcycles that they are headed to the GS

Roaring, Rumbling, Reality

By Erin Shoults The money probably could have been more practically spent else where. Probably, I should have put it against my student loans or towards the down payment I had been trying to get together to buy a house. But I bought the damn

2019 REV’IT! Women’s US ADV Team Search is On!

In 2019, the REV’IT! Women’s US  ADV Team will take on two new members, who, alongside current members: Jenna West, Erika Bean and Amelia Kamrad, will be outfitted head-to-toe in REV’IT! for the rest of the year, and will travel to one major ADV event in late summer to


B360: Changing Lives with Dirt Bikes

B360 means “Be the Revolution.” What does a rider look like?  Are motorcycles “good” or “bad?” What about riders?  Perception is everything, and one woman in Baltimore is working to change the local perception about riders.

Riding off road is like parenting

Top Five Ways Off Road Riding is Like Parenting

When off road riding, you have moments of clarity. Usually right before you have moments of Oh #$&%!   I had one of those moments this weekend, realizing that off road riding is like parenting a rambunctious toddler.