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What Women Want

Dear Dealers: What Women Want

BY KRIS FANT AND MANY RIDERS I stood at a Kawasaki dealer’s counter, brows raised and heart pounding in my chest, staring aghast at the rep behind the counter as he belittled and humiliated women. They were stupid; they made too many mistakes; he’d never

coming out

Coming Out To Your Riding Friends

Dear Lynda, I’m gay, but I haven’t told my riding and camping friends. How do I come out to them without making anyone uncomfortable? – Mel Hi Mel, Being comfortable presenting your full self, no matter the group, is a fundamental right and an important

love on the road

Love on the Road, Hate at Home

Dear Lynda, Two years ago, I met someone while I was riding across Asia. We fell in love and continued to travel together, and it was like a dream come true! But when we got back to Europe, our relationship started to fall apart. Facebook


Ladies of Madness: March Moto Madness PNW 2017

BY KRIS FANT Oh ladies of madness, who plans a motorcycle rally in the Northern Hemisphere in March, when the rain is thick, the ground is muddy, and every trail has dozens of lakes?  The GS Giants do!  Women ADV Riders attended March Moto Madness

Lean In

Lean In: A Book Review

BY KRIS FANT Lean In is not the type of book you’d expect to be reviewed by a motorcycle magazine. There’s little adventure, no motorcycles, and nary an engine in this book. However, this is a book about what it is like to be a