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Women, Military, Moto

Women, Military and Moto

BY KRIS FANT Here’s an interesting statistic: Women make up 15% of the US military and 14% of Motorcycle Riders. What do Women, Military and Moto have in common? What follows are the stories of two Women ADV Riders who actively serve in the US military.

Double Take Mirrors

Do a Double Take: Sponsored Review

BY KRIS FANT Rolling down hill, loose rocks bouncing me left and right, I suddenly veer off the trail, and my bike lands on its side, the clutch perch tearing from my handle bars. Darn it!  I forgot to adjust my mirrors before taking off

dealing with the naysayers

Dealing with the Naysayers

Dear Lynda, Anytime people ask about my travel plans and find out I’m planning to ride through certain countries in the world they view as dangerous, I’m bombarded by concern, and that it’s “not worth the risk.” Facebook Comments

Puget Sound Safety Off Road Training Review

  BY LOW-RYDA Have you ever done a slow race using only your throttle?  Have you ever walked all the way around your bike, chatting with a mate, just holding the bike gently with one hand while moving? Facebook Comments

Riding in the Dark

BY DUSTY WESSELS, WEST 38 MOTO Riding in the dark is best avoided whenever possible. But sometimes, you just need to make distance or get to the campsite, and there’s simply no choice. Facebook Comments

road to freedom

Drugs, motorcycles, and the road to freedom

BY A.N. Today, I’m riding around the world on my motorcycle without a return date. I’m on nobody’s schedule but my own, I work whenever I feel like working (and whenever there’s good internet connection), and I’m free to carry on riding for however long