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Trail Stand

Enduro Star TS3 Trail Stand

BY KRIS FANT As someone who rides a bike that has been lowered, lowered, and lowered again, a centerstand would not leave room for off road riding. Yet the centerstand is often helpful for bike maintenance. Enter the Enduro Star TS3 Trail Stand.

Cold Weather Riding

Keeping the Brrr Out of Braap!

BY KRIS FANT Hypothermia can strike unexpectedly. When I first started riding, I was on a day trip where the temperature dropped below 45 degrees.

Motonaut Extreme Luggage System Review by Elisa Wirkala

Motonaut Extreme Luggage System Review

BY ELISA WIRKALA Pre-Test On the surface, the Motonaut straps didn’t look like much more than neatly packaged red webbing. As I carried them out to a DR650, I noticed the smooth and strong material, solid buckles and shiny steel rings. As I handled the

best bike for women

What are the best bikes for women?

BY KRIS FANT Deciding what’s the best bike for women is no easy task. Adventure Bikes are tall by design. It’s important to have ground clearance for whatever you may encounter off road, be it downed trees, large rocks, roots, or anything else you might


All You Need To Know About Tires

BY PAUL STEWART Read any magazine, blog, or forum, and you will find dozens of articles, posts, and discussions on tire choices. Along with the same debates about oil, they always seem to take a similar direction: personal opinions of what is best. Reliable, practical