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ADV boots

Protect Your Feet: ADV Boots

by Joanne Donn, GearChic If you’re one of the many women who are getting into dual sport / adventure riding, hopefully you’re searching for proper gear to go with your new lifestyle. When it comes to motorcycle apparel, the women’s adventure gear segment is definitely growing.

Neck Brace

The Down Low on Neck Braces

Our neck is a proportionately slender portion of our anatomy. While it may not often be injured by direct impact in a motorcycle accident, it is at significant risk during any impact, and injuries can be severe. Why Wear a Neck Brace? Peggy from Rev’It

Double Take Mirrors

Do a Double Take: Sponsored Review

BY KRIS FANT Rolling down hill, loose rocks bouncing me left and right, I suddenly veer off the trail, and my bike lands on its side, the clutch perch tearing from my handle bars. Darn it!  I forgot to adjust my mirrors before taking off


Micro-Start Sport Review

BY KRIS FANT Ever gone to start your bike in the morning, and realize you’ve left your heated grips on over night? Or your parking light on all day while you were at work? Enter the Micro-Start Sport!