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pillion to pilot

From Pillion to Pilot

Almost 20 years ago, Laura started her adventures as a pillion. Fast forward eight years, and she has moved from pillion to pilot.  

Travel Psychology

The Psychology of Travel: Overcoming the Obstacles Podcast II

In the second part of this two-part Travel Psychology podcast series, author of Ubuntu and world traveler Heather Ellis talks with Jacqui Kennedy of Postie Notes and Women ADV Riders Contributing Editor Elisa Wirkala as they discuss travel psychology and life on the road: When things take a

riding and femininity

Riding and Femininity

BY DEBORAH AZZOPARDI I would like to start by saying one thing. I have huge respect for both men and women on how far they have come across in the adventure world, but I will always have greater sympathy and admiration towards female travelers, leaders, and influencers.  

Motobird Adventures

The Birth of Motobird Adventures

Early in 2017, Kerri found herself in the ER due to stress and exhaustion. What happened next may surprise you. Enjoy the birth story of Motobird Adventures.