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Energy Boosting Snacks


Off road riding can burn through calories quicker than you can say butt steer and whiskey throttle. Fortunately, there are some great energy boosting snacks designed for the intense work out that riding off road provides.


First, take your water backpack. Drink your water. The standard rule is seven to ten ounces every ten to twenty minutes of exercise.


Add Electrolytes

If you are working hard for more than an hour, you will need to replace your electrolytes. Many companies are making electrolyte packets that you can put right into your water backpack. Right now, we’re loving ElectroMix from Emergen-C . Coconut Water and Kombucha Tea are great sources of electrolytes as well!

Energy Boosting Snacks

Fruits and Veggies: The Original Energy Boosting Snacks

Keeping baby carrots, cut bell peppers and broccoli right in your tank bag can be a great way to boost energy and get needed vitamins into your system. Bananas are full of potassium and come in a handy natural protective case. No matter where you are in the world, run some hand sanitizer over the outside, peel and enjoy. Avocados also have a lovely protective cover. They are a great source of healthy fats; again wash with hand sanitizer, cut in half, and enjoy the goodness. Apples are sturdy for moto travel and pineapple chunks have tons of vitamin B and C for energy.  Our team cannot resist sugar snap peas – cheap, healthy, and they crunch so good.

Energy Gel

When riding off road, you might be burning one thousand calories an hour! We can get overly hungry before we realize it. Energy Gel packets have one hundred calories that include carbohydrates, sodium, and amino acids, designed for quick absorption. One of our current favorites is GU Energy Gels, paired with Trail Mix.

Energy Boosting Snacks

Trail Mix

When you’re riding off road, it’s important to replenish your calories to keep your mind sharp and body strong. Nuts are high in both calories and healthy fats. You can buy trail mix, or for some genuine goodness, check out these recipes!

Energy Boosting Snacks

Energy Bars

Many companies are making healthy energy boosting snacks in the form of bars or bites for hungry riders. A lady rider has taken on the task of creating tasty, mostly organic grab and go snacks that you will not want to miss. Kate’s Real Food is available online and in your favorite outdoor store. My current favorite: Kate’s Stash Bites; provides healthy energy and tastes just like no bake cookies!

Energy Boosting Snacks


If you are looking for cheap ADV meals, check out Elisa’s article for the Hungry Traveler!

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