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motorcycle vocabulary

Moto Vocabulary 101

When you start riding, sometimes it feels like a new language.  Here is our moto vocab list for 2018.  Share yours in the comments!


I’m my Own Superheroine

BY KRIS FANT Don’t tell her mom, but BJ Hessler thinks she fell in love with motorcycles because of her mom’s hard core feminism. “As a kid, I got it into my head that to be competent, I should be able to drive, ride, or

Lone Rider

Lone Rider: A Book Review

Lone Rider by Elspeth Beard Book Review by KRIS FANT “Riding a bike around the world was probably an extreme reaction to heartbreak. Other people might have considered going somewhere hot for a fortnight, got drunk, let their hair down in a new environment. But

Women, Military, Moto

Women, Military and Moto

BY KRIS FANT Here’s an interesting statistic: Women make up 15% of the US military and 14% of Motorcycle Riders. What do Women, Military and Moto have in common? What follows are the stories of two Women ADV Riders who actively serve in the US military.