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clutch control

Back into the saddle

PHOTO BY CATHY LARSON, GRIZ GIRL PHOTOGRAPHY Have a question about riding techniques? Ask a coach! This week, your coach will be Pat Jacques, adventure motorcycle off-road instructor and tour guide of ADV Woman.

Embrace the Cow

Embrace the Cow: Book Review

BY KRIS FANT “We remember life by random moments. Not by days or months. It is these random moments that we store away in our bank of memories for future reference.

yoga for bikers

Yoga for Bikers

BY TORI LANG As a long standing motorcyclist, I am well aware of the physical and mental demands of riding. It was my keen interest in both yoga and motorcycling that led me to qualify as a yoga teacher and establish ‘Yoga for Bikers’.


Managing Your Relationship On the Road

Dear Lynda, How do you keep your relationship healthy while traveling long-term? Circumstances can change very quickly on the road as opposed to a domestic routine, and I worry we might start taking things out on each other if we don’t have some kind of