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adventure vs family

Adventure vs Family

QUESTION: Dear Lynda, I dream about setting out on a round the world journey, but I don’t want to miss important family moments like weddings and funerals. I’m also not sure how to deal with a certain amount of guilt I would feel – I

Why Women ADV Rider

Why Women ADV Riders Magazine?

BY KRIS FANT Have you ever faced gnarly terrain while unfamiliar riding partners looked at you with question marks in their eyes? Ever been the only woman in a 10 person off road group ride? Has anyone ever been surprised to find out you are

Off-Road Training

Off-Road Training: Dirt Bike Safety Training

BY LOW-RYDA Off-road training can make the difference between barely surviving and truly thriving off-road. Welcome to the first in a series of articles where Women ADV Riders will be reviewing various rider training programs and interviewing their staff.