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alta ride

Unexpected Ride on an Alta

BY DAWN PISTO Saturday, on my way to Diamond Mill Off Highway Vehicle area, I got a message from a friend. “We’re heading out to Rogers Camp to ride around the circumference of Browns Camp tomorrow morning. Not sure on exact timeline yet. Are you

Conversations with Coach

BY KRIS FANT Riding is much more than jumping on a motorcycle and twisting the throttle. I’d like to give you a peek into my conversations with Coach, in the hopes that this will help you develop in your own riding self assessment and training.

warm weather riding

Beat the Heat: Warm Weather Riding

BY KRIS FANT 104 degrees Fahrenheit. 35 mph hot cross wind. Tired. Thirsty. Hot. Many of us have been there, riding through the desert, unprepared for the conditions if we have never ridden extreme heat before. Here are some tips for surviving.

hungry traveler

The Hungry Traveler: Cheap ADV Camp Meals

BY ELISA WIRKALA After four years of travel, frugal adventuring is pretty much my full-time gig. Whether riding the continents, hiking across countries or climbing granite walls, I get a big appetite!

Coaching Assessment Results

Coaching Assessment Results with Coach Stroud

BY KRIS FANT The time came to return to the ranch. It’s dirty laundry time; here are the coaching assessment results from my first session with Coach Stroud. This is where Student Centered Coaching continues to parts ways from a traditional training school.

Student Focused Coaching

Student Focused Coaching: Coach Stroud

BY KRIS FANT My relationship with Coach Stroud started with his question, “Are you okay with having your laundry hanging out for all to see? The good, the bad and the ugly?”