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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Energy Boosting Snacks

BY KRIS FANT Off road riding can burn through calories quicker than you can say butt steer and whiskey throttle. Fortunately, there are some great energy boosting snacks designed for the intense work out that riding off road provides.

lusty single gal

Tips for the Lusty Single Gal: Women Only

BY: ANNA NEYMUS Despite popular belief, research has made it clear that ladies have lusty needs equal to—if not surpassing—men. For too long, women have been thought of as not just the psychologically weaker sex, but the less sexually inclined, too.

dealing with Mr.Helpful

Dealing With Mr.Helpful

Dear Lynda, Recently on the road, a guy had offered to help me with my bike, and he did help a ton. But all day long, he wouldn’t let me do anything, to the point of shooing me away or just nudging me out when