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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Motorcycle Meditation

Learning Meditation from my Motorcycle

BY KRIS FANT You can’t get through school in counseling psychology without delving into the concepts of mindfulness and meditation. Dutifully, after I graduated, I started attending a weekly Buddhist meditation over my lunch hour.

traveling with pets

Traveling with Pets?

Dear Lynda, We are talking about travel through Central and South America, and have a dog we adore.  We can’t decide whether to take our dog with us or leave her with loved ones. What would you recommend? ~Liv Dear Liv, Four-legged travelling companions require


Ubuntu: One Woman’s Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa

BY ELISA WIRKALA Ubuntu, “the universal bond that connects all of humanity as one,” Heather Ellis writes, and the fundamental quality that makes this book so unique amongst motorcycle travelogues. But do not misunderstand; this isn’t a book just for motorcyclists. This is a book for

Women, Military, Moto

Women, Military and Moto

BY KRIS FANT Here’s an interesting statistic: Women make up 15% of the US military and 14% of Motorcycle Riders. What do Women, Military and Moto have in common? What follows are the stories of two Women ADV Riders who actively serve in the US military.

Double Take Mirrors

Do a Double Take: Sponsored Review

BY KRIS FANT Rolling down hill, loose rocks bouncing me left and right, I suddenly veer off the trail, and my bike lands on its side, the clutch perch tearing from my handle bars. Darn it!  I forgot to adjust my mirrors before taking off