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The Psychology of Travel: Overcoming the Obstacles Podcast II

In the second part of this two-part Travel Psychology podcast series, author of Ubuntu and world traveler Heather Ellis talks with Jacqui Kennedy of Postie Notes and Women ADV Riders Contributing Editor Elisa Wirkala as they discuss travel psychology and life on the road: When things take a turn for the worst, what to expect, and how to pull yourself out the other end.

Because while we’re all familiar with the glam and benefits of travel, it’s easy to ignore the hardships, especially when your journey has come to an end.

And Heather Ellis knows those hardships more than most of us, as she shares how she overcame one of the worst crises imaginable: Contracting AIDS/HIV in the mid-90’s, what it meant to stare death head-on and live to tell the tale, and how traveling can sometimes help you overcome the hardest of times.

Join the conversation on travel psychology, here.

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