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Traveling Solo as A Woman

I often invite other travelers to travel with me, not because I am afraid to travel alone or because I want to travel with people, but if something did happen to me, I think people would say it was my fault.

I’m considering changing this, but the fear of societal judgment remains.

– Claire

Hi Claire,

If you’re travelling the world on a motorcycle, my guess is you’ve already faced a variety of judgments from others. I assume you’ve handled some with ease while some may have caused consternation and distress. What’s helped you make decisions prior to this one, and what have you found to be useful in dealing with the concerns of society while still pursuing your dreams? Is there something there for you to draw upon for guidance now?

The reality is things can happen to you whether you are in a group, with another rider, or on your own. Things may occur that are your fault; you might make a poor decision. For example, the person you choose to travel with may turn out to be creepier than you thought at first meeting, or the group that seemed so great may ride in a way that puts your safety in jeopardy. Being with others doesn’t promise safety, and travelling solo doesn’t automatically increase risk.

How and who you travel with should be one of the joys of your journey, not a source of fear. Listening to your instincts, trusting your gut, and being willing to take risks that work for you may mean others won’t understand or will be critical of your choices. It sounds like you’re willing to be adventurous in your experiences; are you willing to be as comfortable in the face of the disapproval of others?


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