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Make a Motorcycle Dream into Reality

The wonderful thing about dreams, including a motorcycle dream, is that the sky’s the limit.

Having a seemingly unrealistic goal is a great way to keep motivated and passionate about moving forward in life, especially when it comes to motorcycles. After all, what’s better than a motorcycle for keeping your passion while moving forwards at the same time?! They are designed just for that purpose.

But, did you know that making those dreams into a reality is easier than you might think? Whether you want to get enough cash together to buy that first bike or head out on a wild off-road adventure, there are plenty of ways that you can make it happen.

Think about it

One of the best parts of the process is really thinking about what it is that you hope to achieve with your motorcycling dream. Is it the freedom of that open road? Unforgettable experiences? A new group of friends? You might surprise yourself with something quite different to your original goal.

Get it straight

Whether you want to start a female collective like The Litas, or you want to obtain that awesome new riding suit you’ve had your eye on forever, clearly define what your end result is going to be so that you can actively take steps towards it. There is no right or wrong here, just ensure that you write down your definitive goal in one clear sentence.

Keep it relevant

It’s super important to think about why you want to achieve this particular dream. Is it for personal growth and satisfaction, or is it just because others do it? This is a key step in making your dream a reality, if your intention doesn’t align with your passion then it’s unlikely that you will be able to see it through. So, wanting that bike just because it will impress other people isn’t a great way to go about achieving your goals. But, wanting that bike because you love the way it makes you feel and how it rides means that you will have the passion to obtain it.

Set a date 

Once you have a date in the diary then your dream is suddenly a goal. Almost any goal is attainable if it is given enough time, so make sure that your goal is realistic within the time frame you have set. If you’re a beginner, you might not be competing in that rally next week. But, give yourself enough time to practice and you could well find yourself winning it within the next few years.

Get inspired

Another way of achieving your motorcycling aims is to look to other bikers for inspiration. Poker pro Lukas Hlavac, for example. As someone who couldn’t afford a motorcycle when he was young, he waited until he was old enough to borrow the money to buy his first bike, trained every day then started winning at almost all of the events that he entered.

motorcycle dream
Make your motorcycle dream a reality!
Plan it out

Now that you have a deadline, you can break the next steps down into manageable chunks. However unrealistic your dream might seem to you now, breaking it down into simple steps will make you see that it is just about making the basics happen. So, if you want to ride the White Rim Trail, you would write:

  • Save to get off-road riding lessons
  • Figure out how to get your bike there, or ride it there
  • Ride it!

Once you see each step laid out, suddenly the task can seem a bit more manageable and realistic.

Believe it 

That dream is not going to happen unless you really, genuinely believe that it will. Spend a few minutes each day repeating positive affirmations about your goal and feeling your determination to achieve it. Visualize yourself already having achieved your goal. See yourself on the bike, feel the rush as you win the event you’d love to compete in, or think about your dream destination as if you were already there.

What are you waiting for, get out there and make that dream your reality!


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