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Editor’s Letter

Ordinary women doing extraordinary things: this is what Women ADV Riders mag is all about.

You continue to inspire us all: Chantal Simons, riding her XT250 from Australia to Netherlands. Heather Ellis, exploring Africa solo back when Google, GPS and Skype did not exist. Danielle Murdoch, finding a solution to any situation on her travels.

You continue to leave us all speechless: Heather L.Johnson, leaving artworks in her wake. Trui Hanoulle, a graphic designer turned serial motorcycle hobo. Megan Nickerson, who started riding at the age of three and continues to kick ass on the trails today.

You continue to prove, time and again, that daring to explore means so many different things to all, yet we are all connected by the same passion for freedom and the open road.

So we decided to bring even more value to the table. Last month, we launched Riding Academy: with the help of Pat Jacques and Dusty Wessels, you can now ask all your off-road riding questions directly – and get them answered by the best riding instructors out there! We continue to feature ASK Lynda, where you can have a chat about matters of mind and soul, and as usual, we’re also publishing articles on gear hacks, RTW finances, and the best adventure riding books written by women!

Our Best Adventure Video Contest showed us yet again: our readers are the most courageous, inspiring, and hilarious women who dare. Dare to ride, dare to be different, dare to have their own voice. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right bike, if this isn’t the right time, or if you don’t have the right amount of experience.

We’re celebrating with them, and we’d like to invite you to come along.


Sincerely, Egle

Travel Insurance. Dare to explore!

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