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ADV Tracks: New Website For Free GPX Downloads

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE is a cool new website that’s all about sharing free GPX files. In other words, this means free adventure riding tracks all over the globe! 

“We wanted to create a completely new platform for adventure riders where they could share their GPX files, download other riders’ tracks, showcase their photos and videos, and exchange travel ideas and inspiration. ADV Tracks is completely free to use: all you have to do is sign up, create your profile, and share the awesomeness”, – says Gediminas Cicinskas, founder of ADV Tracks.

What’s really neat about this new project is that it offers instant access to riding tracks anywhere in the world. Just enter the country, region, or continent you want to explore, and get all kinds of free tracks and ideas within seconds! “Currently, we have over a thousand GPX files available from all over the world – the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia… This is a community – based project, which means that the more you share, the more you get. With over 500 users and counting, we’re thrilled to see ADV Tracks growing every day”, – says Gediminas.

This fall, ADV Tracks is adding yet another bonus: a navigation-centric blog that’s all about means of travel. The blog is created by professional writers and offers different perspectives and tips on navigation, GPS comparisons and reviews, travel ideas, practical overlanding advice, and more. “We’re hoping to talk to the industry specialists and travel, navigation and technology connoisseurs to deliver  exclusive content that’s based on expert advice, not just opinions. Naturally, there are a lot of easy, lighthearted reads too – adventure riding is all about fun after all”, – explains Gediminas.

ADV Tracks is one of the hottest finds this year, so go check it out, and join the community. It’s all about freedom, adventure, and sharing!

What’s your greatest ADV discovery in 2017? Share in the comments below!

Photo credit: ADV FACTORY



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sector 2017 December 18 at 2:52 AM

Super! But, it would be great to have a way of rating, and/or commenting on the tracks. That might be technically (or costly) to do, but would be an awesome way to present tracks. I checked out tracks that are in my neighborhood and thought… really? You missed the good stuff! So, some commentary or rating system would really put this idea over the top.

Gediminas 2017 December 30 at 10:13 AM

Thanks for your comment 🙂 Actually commentary system are up and running (only for registered members). And rating system I will add to our TODO list. We are always welcome any feedback or suggestions. You can write directly:


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