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Elisa Wirkala on fear of the unknown

An Anti-Adventure Guide: Fear of the Unknown

BY ELISA WIRKALA There’s endless advice on how to plan, prepare,  and execute the perfect adventure. Lists of must-have items and all the minutia. And while some are undoubtedly helpful, the reality is most people don’t fulfill their dreams because of one major factor. And

Liz Keily and Con on their trip

Money Matters: Minimalist Living On the Road

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE Liz Keily and her partner Con have recently completed an eighteen – month overland journey from Australia to Iran on their DR650’s. Back in Melbourne, as they are planning new adventures, Liz agreed to share her tips and advice on funding a


All You Need To Know About Tires

BY PAUL STEWART Read any magazine, blog, or forum, and you will find dozens of articles, posts, and discussions on tire choices. Along with the same debates about oil, they always seem to take a similar direction: personal opinions of what is best. Reliable, practical

Steph and Rhonda: 250cc Around The World

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE Stephanie Jeavons is one of the first women to ever ride a motorcycle in Antarctica; currently resting up in British Columbia, Canada, Steph is busy writing for a bunch of ADV mags around the world and planning her next epic ride. Small

Global women who ride

Going Global

BY RASHMI TAMBE  I stumbled into the world of motorcycling 10 years ago. A young, newly minted motorcyclist, I absolutely loved the thrill of going fast on two wheels. Sometimes I would ride to the local bookstore and eagerly peruse its shelves for more material

Riding Two – Up: Trust Is Everything

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE You think riding pillion is easy? Think again! Lynda Lahman and Beth Young have been riding, overlanding, and competing as pillion riders for years now; we talked to them about relationship nuances, keeping warm, and staying alert on the long stretches.

women riders

It’s Not About the Length of Your Legs

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE Aleksandra ‘Ola’ Trzaskowska is probably one of the toughest women bikers I’ve ever met: she rides in the most extreme corners of the world, knows Central Asia like it’s her backyard, and leads girl – only motorcycle tours in the Himalayan passes.