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Ramey Coach Stroud

Slow Turns With a Smile

BY RAMEY ‘COACH’ STROUD If you have ever dropped your bike in a parking lot, you are going to like this article. If tight U-turns make you cringe, keep reading. There are a few tricks ahead to make slow and tight, easy and fun.

why work on your bike_Kris Fant

Why I Tinker

BY KRIS FANT There is a debate about working on your bike vs. taking it to the shop that is at least as old as “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” I’d guess much older. As a non-mechanic, I’d like to share my perspective

Kris Fant on falling off a motorcycle

The Fine Art of Falling

BY KRIS FANT Because I waited until I was 35 to learn to ride a motorcycle and had very minimal bicycle experience, my brain may not have developed the neural pathways that make riding a bike come naturally. Over the past five years, I’ve read

Kris Fant: ride with confidence

Self-Rescuing Princess

BY KRIS FANT So, you see this shirt?  I’ve been questioning whether I can continue to wear it since learning to ride a motorcycle off the road. I’ve been repeatedly humbled by the amount of help I’ve needed to orient myself and my bike in

Preventive Bike Maintenance: The Fastener Algorithm

BY PAUL STEWART When you ride, your motorcycle shakes. Even the smoothest running bike vibrates: it’s the nature of the beast you plan to travel on. Now add bumpy roads, and that vibration is magnified – but why should you be bothered? Besides the welded

Elisa Wirkala on fear of the unknown

An Anti-Adventure Guide: Fear of the Unknown

BY ELISA WIRKALA There’s endless advice on how to plan, prepare,  and execute the perfect adventure. Lists of must-have items and all the minutia. And while some are undoubtedly helpful, the reality is most people don’t fulfill their dreams because of one major factor. And

Liz Keily and Con on their trip

Money Matters: Minimalist Living On the Road

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE Liz Keily and her partner Con have recently completed an eighteen – month overland journey from Australia to Iran on their DR650’s. Back in Melbourne, as they are planning new adventures, Liz agreed to share her tips and advice on funding a