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Tired of Riding RTW: Am I Adventurous?

Dear Lynda,

I’m on this epic, once-in-a-lifetime journey riding RTW at the moment, and it seems like people expect me to be high on life every single day just because I’m on the road, but frankly, I think I’ll be quite happy when I finally go home.

It’s not that I’m not enjoying the trip, I am, but I’m also looking forward to going home and starting a new career. Does that mean that I’m just not that adventurous after all?


Dear Kelly,

People’s expectations are often based on their own perceptions, and don’t usually coincide with your experiences. So not only do you not owe them anything, it’s even more important that you don’t internalize their agendas.

Many folks fantasize being able to leave everything behind and take off on a carefree, exciting, and once-in-a-lifetime journey riding RTW. In their minds, you are living their dream. Since it’s based on an idealized image, how could you possibly have any down times, negatives, exhaustion, or even boredom? After all, it’s epic!

But day-to-day life isn’t epic, no matter how adventurous, dramatic, or life changing it may be or no matter where you are living it. Being on the road all the time becomes the new normal, and as a result has its share of routine, ‘been there, done that’ and longing for the next new experience. Doing what you’ve been doing, riding throughout the world, sounds like it has been a great experience. It’s just that now you’re ready to move onto your next adventure.

So look at the question from a different angle: what pushes you to try new challenges, what excites you to test yourself in new circumstances, what motivates you to keep growing? In your case, the next episode includes returning home and starting a new career, which carries with it a new set of risks and challenges. It’s normal to have mixed feelings about these decisions: sad to see a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ journey come to an end, and excitement to settle down and focus on work. Sounds pretty adventurous to me!





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