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Editor’s Letter

Greetings, world!

Today is our first official day of existence, and I’m thrilled to invite you to come along!

So what’s going on? Well, a magazine for women adventure riders was long overdue: there are more and more of us every single day, and yet, our voices are still not being heard. We decided it’s time to change that!

This magazine, just like women ADV riders all over the world, is in constant metamorphosis. The way we ride, travel, and tell stories changes every day, but with every day, we grow. We get better, stronger, and more daring. We go further; we push our limits, test our resilience, and get bolder. Now, as we release the first Women ADV Riders magazine, we say it’s time to get louder, too!

What are the main ingredients in a great explorer publication? Adventure, of course, and we’ve got plenty of that: enjoy Christina’s tales from Africa, Ola’s escapades in Afghanistan, and Lea’s account on her round the world venture. Fascinating people, naturally; so we spoke to the incredible Lois Pryce, interviewed the legendary Linda Bick, and chatted with the courageous Stephanie Jeavons. Awe – inspiring destinations? Sure thing: read about Liz’s account of riding Oman, Mahsa’s Iranian experiences, and Asta’s adventures in the Caucasus. Practical advice, undoubtedly: explore motorcycle maintenance tips, Liz Keily’s article on finances, and Kris Fant’s insights about choosing your perfect bike and managing tricky situations. Honest conversations, certainly: we chatted about the image of women ADV riders today with adventurous gals around the globe and asked our wonderful counselor Lynda to help us with the matters of mind and soul. And finally, insights and observations from the road: Elisa defined the key factor of adventure, and Sandy shared her passion for big bikes and the harmony of riding.

Women ADV Riders magazine is at its very beginning: we want to do, create, and accomplish so much more! But we’ll need your assistance because growth is only possible through change. Help us morph into a powerful voice – honest critique, suggestions, and ideas are most welcome!

We poured a lot of love, thought, and excitement into this mag, and we hope it will become your favorite read of the day! We’ll update the content as often as we can, constantly bringing you inspiring stories.

And finally, a big thank you to all who volunteered their hours, energy, and talent in creating the Women ADV Riders. Big shout out to all our heroines who found the time to answer interview questions; a bear hug to Ruth Belcher, Sue Barnes, and Jude Rosenthal for helping us spread the word; and a massive thank you to Liz Keily, Paul Stewart, Rashmi Tambe, and Sandy Borden who donated articles and stories.

Out the door, into the saddle, and off towards the horizon: let’s ride!

Sincerely, Egle

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Liz Keily 2016 December 2 at 8:03 AM

Congrats. El and team on a fantastic outcome. the format looks awesome and the content top quality. Looking forward to more.
Cheers, Liz

Hawk Girl 2016 December 3 at 12:03 AM

Looking forward to many adventures, congratulations!

elisa wirkala 2016 December 3 at 2:21 AM

Great work, ladies! Excited to be a part of this, and learn from all of you!

Geoff Keys 2016 December 17 at 12:04 PM

Best of luck with your new venture. Encouraging more women, and people in general, to have the confidence to leave their comfort zone is a good thing to do. Especially on a motorcycle!


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