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Adventure Riding: Where to Begin?

Dear Lynda,

I want to start riding, but I don’t know anyone who rides, and don’t know much about motorcycles. How do I get started? How to start adventure riding for beginners?


Dear Rhiannon,

Asking questions before you get started is a great way to empower yourself and help make you a successful rider. My book, The Women’s Guide to Motorcycling, was written to address many of those questions, including the ones you don’t yet even know to ask.

The best place to start adventure riding is by taking a beginner course, taught by professionals who are comfortable with new riders and can instruct both clearly and non-emotionally the correct ways to handle a motorcycle. Some programs have classes geared specifically to women, and many who have taken a gender specific course appreciate the support and camaraderie that builds during the classes. Your local motorcycle dealership should have information about courses in your area, as will a good Internet search.

Once you have taken the proper course and have your license, the next step is to build your competence, which in turn builds your confidence. Finding a friend who is comfortable taking you out to practice the maneuvers you learned in class, avoiding group rides until your skills improve, and reading books or watching videos about techniques are great ways to increase your knowledge. Talking to dealers who take women riders seriously is another way to understand more about the bikes themselves.

The Internet can be your friend, helping to connect you with other riders in your area. Every place I travel I meet women who tell me about local women’s riding groups who gather for social events, rides, technical workshops, and support. It’s important, however, even in these settings, to look for those who will let you progress at your own pace, ride your own ride, and encourage you to become a competent, confident motorcyclist.

Best of luck as you start this exciting journey, and hope to meet you on the road!




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