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Yearly Archives: 2016

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Meet Blinkin, the Chinese ADV Hero

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE Upon hearing ‘Chinese’ and ‘motorcycle’ in one sentence, most people consider it sacrilege, throw their hands up in horror and refuse to reason. A small bike is considered an OK choice; but a small Chinese bike..?

Ramey Coach Stroud

Slow Turns With a Smile

BY RAMEY ‘COACH’ STROUD If you have ever dropped your bike in a parking lot, you are going to like this article. If tight U-turns make you cringe, keep reading. There are a few tricks ahead to make slow and tight, easy and fun.

why work on your bike_Kris Fant

Why I Tinker

BY KRIS FANT There is a debate about working on your bike vs. taking it to the shop that is at least as old as “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” I’d guess much older. As a non-mechanic, I’d like to share my perspective

Caution Versus Fear: Finding The Healthy Balance

Caution vs Fear: The Healthy Balance

QUESTION: Hi Lynda, I have a question about riding in some of the most remote regions of the world (like Mongolia and Central Asia, for example). Sometimes I’m riding a road that nobody uses, or uses extremely rarely, so if something happens and I injure

Kris Fant on falling off a motorcycle

The Fine Art of Falling

BY KRIS FANT Because I waited until I was 35 to learn to ride a motorcycle and had very minimal bicycle experience, my brain may not have developed the neural pathways that make riding a bike come naturally. Over the past five years, I’ve read

Lea Rieck on a solo motorcycle journey RTW

The Tiger and The Red Dress

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE Lea Rieck (Germany) is tough through and through: she set out on a round the world journey solo, riding her Triumph Tiger 800 XCA; she claims she preferred toy cars instead of Barbies when she was little, and she’s not afraid to

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Women ADV Riders is a 100% free online magazine brought to you by an international team of adventurous gals. There are very few of us, and we are doing the best we can – but we could do so much more with your help and

Conquering the Backcountry Discovery Route: Stephanie Terrien

Conquering the Back Country Routes

BY STEPHANIE TERRIEN June 2, 2015, Flagstaff, AZ. Clean hotel room with A/C, super comfy king-size bed, real pillows and towels, and appreciatively TWO bathrooms. HOLY COW! Stunning scenery on steroids, majestic elk, mule deer, jackrabbits, free-roaming cattle, and idyllic campsites helped to soothe the

Motonaut Extreme Luggage System Review by Elisa Wirkala

Motonaut Extreme Luggage System Review

BY ELISA WIRKALA Pre-Test On the surface, the Motonaut straps didn’t look like much more than neatly packaged red webbing. As I carried them out to a DR650, I noticed the smooth and strong material, solid buckles and shiny steel rings. As I handled the