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Women’s Motorcycle Tour in Morocco: Supporting Women and Girls in the Rif Mountains

What if you could ride North Africa in the company of like-minded women – and support Moroccan women and girls as you travel?

Women’s Motorcycle Tour in Morocco: Giving Back

Big Little Rides, a female-owned motorcycle touring company known for its unique adventures designed by women, for women, is proud to announce its upcoming “Travel With an Impact” women’s motorcycle tour in Morocco. This all-female expedition will not only take riders through the stunning Rif Mountains and the vibrant Blue City of Chefchaouen, but will also empower them to make a lasting impact on the lives of local women and girls.

Women's Motorcycle Tour in Morocco // Women ADV Riders

The Rif Mountain region, known for its rugged beauty and off-road trails, faces significant challenges regarding women’s rights and access to education. Many women are limited to low-paid agricultural labor, while girls often miss out on secondary education due to economic barriers and societal expectations.

Women's Motorcycle Tour in Morocco // Women ADV Riders

Recognizing the need for change, Big Little Rides has partnered with RifCom, a Gibraltar-based NGO dedicated to empowering women and girls in the Rif Mountains through education and employment opportunities. RifCom’s programs include girls’ boarding schools, preschools, and women’s sewing cooperatives, all aimed at creating a brighter future for the local community.

Women's Motorcycle Tour in Morocco // Women ADV Riders

To amplify their impact, Big Little Rides is launching a fundraising campaign in conjunction with the Morocco tour. The goal is to raise €1,500 to provide classroom equipment and supplies for a rural preschool, with stretch goals of €3,000 to cover a preschool teacher’s salary and €5,000 to support 15 girls in completing their high school Baccalauréat.

Travel With an Impact

“We believe that adventure travel can be a force for good,” says Egle, co-founder of Big Little Rides. “As female riders, we’re passionate about giving back to the communities we visit, especially those where women and girls face limited opportunities. By partnering with RifCom, we’re able to combine our love for riding with our commitment to empowering women.”

Women's Motorcycle Tour in Morocco // Women ADV Riders

Big Little Rides invites riders, supporters, and adventurers at heart to join this exciting journey. Whether you participate in the tour, donate to the fundraiser, or simply spread the word, you can be part of this meaningful initiative!

Women's Motorcycle Tour in Morocco // Women ADV Riders

About Big Little Rides:

Big Little Rides is a women-owned motorcycle touring startup that curates unique adventure and off-road motorcycle tours for women worldwide. They are passionate about empowering women through adventure travel and creating positive social impact.

Big Little Rides

 About RifCom:

RifCom is a Gibraltar-based NGO dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Morocco’s Rif Mountains. Their projects focus on education, skills training, and economic empowerment, creating sustainable solutions for long-term change.


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