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The Psychology of Travel: Overcoming the Obstacles Podcast I


In this two-part podcast series, author and seasoned traveler Linda Bootherstone Bick, Jacqui Kennedy of Postie Notes (Australia on a Postie Bike) and Women ADV Riders Contributing Editor Elisa Wirkala discuss travel psychology and life on the road: When things take a turn for the worst, what to expect, and how to pull yourself out the other end. Because while we’re all familiar with the glam and benefits of travel, it’s easy to ignore the hardships, especially when your journey has come to an end. Many seasoned travelers are hit by a surprising and harsh reality when it’s time to transition into “normal” life, while others keep the dip at bay by planning the next adventure.

Jackie shares how she plans to get through cancer radiation therapy, while Linda guides us through the ups and downs of long overland journeys, and Elisa shares her recent run in with the blues and questions of “what now” at the sudden end of the most recent leg of her worldwide motorcycle ride.

Join the conversation, here.

Loved the program? Share it, and stay tuned for part II, with author of Ubuntu, Heather Ellis.

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