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Dear Lynda,

People project this perfect lifestyle on social media – everyone seems to be riding to all these amazing places and having the best time. I fear I’m missing out!-Alice

Dear Alice,

Your first sentence captures the dilemma of social media: people projecting a perfect lifestyle. No one really knows what’s happening behind the scenes or what’s not being shown. Remember, most folks don’t post the bad shots.

Additionally, it’s a natural phenomenon to see what others have and feel social media envy, even if what you’re doing is perceived as desirable by someone else. For example, the road-weary world traveler who fantasizes about a being in one place, while the person living in a quaint cottage in a picturesque town images chucking it all and hitting the road.

But let’s assume they really are having amazing adventures in the best places, and they’re depicting a life you want to be leading. Rather than being stuck in jealousy and the fear you’re missing out, what if you turned those negative emotions into positive inspiration to get you closer to what you want to be doing?

By focusing on your own dream, fantasy trip or adventure you can begin to look at what it might take to get there. You may not be able to quit working, pack a bike and take off tomorrow, but what about plotting what is possible? Exploring options like working and saving money for a couple of years, then quitting and living off savings, or figuring out a way to earn money while on the road. Does it make more sense to take short trips that give you a satisfying taste of amazing places but in smaller doses?

Creating your own future will help minimize some of the feelings of missing out. The key is figuring out what’s amazing for you and taking the steps to start your journey. In the meantime, practice your photography skills so when it’s you having the best time you’ll be able to capture a few of those moments and post on your own social media.






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