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Meet Blinkin, the Chinese ADV Hero

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE Upon hearing ‘Chinese’ and ‘motorcycle’ in one sentence, most people consider it sacrilege, throw their hands up in horror and refuse to reason. A small bike is considered an OK choice; but a small Chinese bike..?

Sandy Borden rides a big bike

Dance of A Big Bike Girl

BY SANDY BORDEN There’s something about a girl who rides a big motorcycle.  She feels a sense of comfort when swinging a leg over, knowing she will be taken care of in the journey though not always knowing the destination. She enjoys the power of

Riding Two – Up: Trust Is Everything

BY EGLE GERULAITYTE You think riding pillion is easy? Think again! Lynda Lahman and Beth Young have been riding, overlanding, and competing as pillion riders for years now; we talked to them about relationship nuances, keeping warm, and staying alert on the long stretches.

riding pillion

Trial Separation

BY LYNDA LAHMAN I’d been avoiding the signs for quite a while, partially out of a desire to have things remain the way they had always been and partially out of fear. But after eight years of being together, always together, only inches apart, I