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ADV Woman Rally: More Than Meets The Eye

By Kris Fant Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, a quiet but powerful movement is occurring. This year, at the ADV Woman Rally, seventy women and a handful of men gathered to empower themselves and each other, taking great leaps in their motorcycle

lust on the road

Lust on the Road: Filthy, Exhausted, and In Love

BY: ANNA NEYMUS Trying to keep the noise to an absolute minimum, my partner and I were about to get things going on in the bedroom. After a week of riding remote dirt roads, wild camping and using our dromedary bags as primitive showers, we

Touratech Rally

Touratech Rally: What’s the Big Deal?

BY KRIS FANT For three years I have been riding dual sports in the Pacific Northwest, and for three years, people have been saying, “Have you been to the Touratech Rally?” I used to wonder what the big deal was, and now I know.

Motorcycle Meditation

Learning Meditation from my Motorcycle

BY KRIS FANT You can’t get through school in counseling psychology without delving into the concepts of mindfulness and meditation. Dutifully, after I graduated, I started attending a weekly Buddhist meditation over my lunch hour.

What Women Want

Dear Dealers: What Women Want

BY KRIS FANT AND MANY RIDERS I stood at a Kawasaki dealer’s counter, brows raised and heart pounding in my chest, staring aghast at the rep behind the counter as he belittled and humiliated women. They were stupid; they made too many mistakes; he’d never


Ladies of Madness: March Moto Madness PNW 2017

BY KRIS FANT Oh ladies of madness, who plans a motorcycle rally in the Northern Hemisphere in March, when the rain is thick, the ground is muddy, and every trail has dozens of lakes?  The GS Giants do!  Women ADV Riders attended March Moto Madness

yoga for bikers

Yoga for Bikers

BY TORI LANG As a long standing motorcyclist, I am well aware of the physical and mental demands of riding. It was my keen interest in both yoga and motorcycling that led me to qualify as a yoga teacher and establish ‘Yoga for Bikers’.

Why Women ADV Rider

Why Women ADV Riders Magazine?

BY KRIS FANT Have you ever faced gnarly terrain while unfamiliar riding partners looked at you with question marks in their eyes? Ever been the only woman in a 10 person off road group ride? Has anyone ever been surprised to find out you are