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men of ADV Woman Rally

The Men of the ADV Woman Rally

While the leadership of the ADV Woman Rally is all female, the event is co-ed. We interviewed participants to hear their experience of the men of the ADV Woman Rally, and it was fantastic.

Klim Artemis

Adventuress Interview Contest: Win Klim Gear

Want to win a brand new Klim Artemis riding suit, Klim Krios adventure helmet, and Klim riding gloves? Get somebody to interview you for the #AdventureIsAttitude campaign, or interview a kick ass female adventurer yourself!

Rocky Mountain Roll: Rural Wonderland

BY KRIS FANT What do you get when you mix rural Montana, the Rocky Mountains, a farm, and motorcycles? You get Rocky Mountain Roll, a downhome event where you get to sleep under the stars with the goats, horses, chickens and cows!


Zero: The Silent Brapper

What would it be like to ride motorcycles silently through the city or on the backroads? To not have to shift gears or use a clutch? To never have to fill up the tank? This may sound like something from Star Trek, but you too