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Too Excited About Adventure

Dear Lynda,

I’ve just started riding and I love it so much that I can’t focus on anything else, even work! What do I do?

~ Chrysta

Dear Chrysta,

Ah, infatuation. An all-consuming love affair at its very beginning stages, and it doesn’t matter if it’s another person, a cuddly puppy, or a new adventure with motorcycling. The feelings are the same: constant thoughts about the object of your desire, an overwhelming urge to spend all your time together, and a neglect of the mundane and boring aspects of day-to-day life. What a great feeling to have!

And just like falling in love, given time, the progression of emotions will slowly work themselves out, bringing you back into balance. In the meantime, how do you cope? By allowing yourself to enjoy this interlude, and by bringing your attention back to the ordinary tasks of life when necessary. It will require practice, but that will also serve you well in your newly acquired sport.

Notice when your brain has been captivated by your passion for riding, and then gently, kindly, turn it back to whatever it is you need to be attending to. Focus on the concrete task, whether composing an email at work, paying attention in an important meeting, or listening to a customer complaining about the temperature of their cup of espresso. Your mind will wander, and simply keep bringing it back. You will need this skill for riding, so practicing it now can be seen as helping you become a better motorcyclist.

Find others who rejoice in this new discovery about yourself and riding. Swap stories, go for rides, and celebrate together. Having a group that understands your passion will help normalize your experience, and can also potentially model ways for maintaining a good balance between life on the road and life at the office. And remind yourself that it’s important to keep those paychecks coming so you can afford to indulge your new love!




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Nicole 2017 September 14 at 12:16 PM

OR you quit your job, start your own business, become a digital nomad and ride across the globe. That way you can still work, but live closer to nice areas where you can drive after you finished your work (or before). 😉 Check out my Instagram: digitalwildchild
If you have any questions, let me know.


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