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Embrace the Cow: Book Review


“We remember life by random moments. Not by days or months. It is these random moments that we store away in our bank of memories for future reference.

The ones that make us smile, bring a tear to our eye, or make our friends laugh when shared.” This sentiment sums up the spirit of adventure travel stories, and comes from Steph Jeavon’s new book Embrace the Cow.

Embrace the Cow

Part handbook, part travel log, it’s hard to choose one category to assign this book. Steph discusses every aspect of adventure travel, including some I have been curious about but afraid to ask. Want to know more about giant spiders, deadly snakes, and nits? Steph’s not afraid to share. Do you need a run down of shipping experiences around the world? She covers that, too. In this book, Steph strikes a balance between sharing helpful advice and encouraging the belief that there is no one right way to tackle your own adventure.

Steph’s good humor is sprinkled through the book with endearing sentiments and delightful anecdotes. Her descriptions make you feel as if you’re there, on the bike with her. “This 60km stretch represents what biking is all about…. The nervous anticipation grips me as I climb higher into the bear-infested mountains, not knowing what terrain I will find. The feeling of solitude washes over me as I’m swallowed up by miles of colourful trees going through their seasonal change. My confidence builds and my smile grows as I pick up speed with a devil-may-care attitude, and head joyously into the unknown. This was my kind of riding, and I hoped that it would never end.” You’ll have to get your copy to find out where in the world she found this delight.

Steph’s delight and enthusiasm abound as she discusses her reflections and her journey, although flow could be improved in the next edition with more careful editing.  There are a few spelling errors and many exclamation points. Even these bring you closer to Steph, however, because you can hear her delight and enthusiasm as she discusses her reflections and her journey. This book was meant to be a helpful “how to” for those considering adventure travel, but with Steph’s story and amazing photography throughout, it becomes so much more. It is an inspiration and encouragement to get out there and begin your own journey.

Get your copy today!  

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