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Being a Caregiver and Rider

Dear Lynda,

I’m a caregiver for my mom, and I’m worried about what would happen to her if I get injured riding my motorcycle. Should I give it up?

Dear Caregiver,

Taking care of your mom is an extremely important, and potentially exhausting, role, and making sure she’ll be okay no matter what happens to you is imperative when you’re the one she’s counting on.

While it’s easy to see motorcycling as the key risk, it’s important to remember that things can change in an instant without being anywhere near a bike. While riding can definitely fall into the more dangerous activities column, a lot of things can cause injuries that can impact your ability to help your mom. Most of us have examples of life altering events that suddenly change the best-laid plans. Rather than trying to control for all possibilities and avoiding all risks, have you created a back-up plan in the event you are unable to care for her, whether temporarily or permanently? Knowing that’s in place may ease some of your concerns.

Regarding motorcycling in particular, yes, you are putting yourself out there in a way you aren’t in a car, but there are things you can do to greatly increase your odds of coming home safely. It’s on you to be a responsible rider, and maybe even more so given the constraints you have in your life. Do you wear gear at all times, take advanced rider courses, stay away from drugs or alcohol when riding, and hang out with others whose style supports you staying safe? Realistically, we all need to be doing these things, but that may be even more important in your circumstances.

Finally, as a caregiver it’s essential to be taking care of yourself. Doing something you love, clearing your mind, and having a genuine break can refresh you and give you the energy to keep going on in a difficult situation. In fact, going for a ride may be just what the doctor ordered.






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