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Wolfpack: Book Review

Wolfpack is a short but incredibly powerful book about leadership by Abby Wambach who is a retired american soccer player, two time Olympic Gold Medalist, FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion, and a National Soccer Hall of Fame member.  

You might be wondering what a book by a soccer player is doing on an ADV website, but I assure you that this book applies to all of us who lead.  And leading may conjure up some traditional images, but Abby assures us that you can lead your family, you can lead in any job, and in any situation.  

Take a moment to think about the stories you heard growing up.  What messages did we learn from these stories?  Abby calls out Little Red Riding Hood specifically.  In this story, Little Red was on her way to Grandmother’s house, with strict instructions to stay on the path. When she strayed, she encountered the wolf.  Abby assures us “You were never Little Red Riding Hood, you were always the wolf.”

What does it mean to our community of ADV Women to be the wolf?  It means we create our own path.  Adventure means something different to each of us, and there is no reason to let someone else define it.  It means being a leader, wherever we are.  There is no reason to take a back seat; we are equal and ready to lead.  Being a wolf means being there for each other; we are a pack, and we can work together to create change.  

There were many moments in listening to this book where I simply stopped in my tracks and reflected on her message.  I encourage all of you to do the check out Wolfpack and see how her lessons apply to you!

Looking for a great motorcycle read? 

Look no further than Lone Rider! 

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