Women ADV Riders is an overland magazine for motorcycling women across the globe.


Who’s Behind Women ADV Riders Magazine?

Women ADV Riders Magazine is run by an international team of women adventure riders scattered across the planet but connected by the same vision: a powerful, influential and unapologetic female voice in the adventure and off-road motorcycling community.

Meet the Women ADV Riders Magazine Team

Egle Gerulaityte, the founding editor of WADVR, is on an indefinite round-the-world motorcycle trip, covering adventure travel and cross-country rally racing. Sigita Vaiciute, the co-founder of the magazine, is taking care of all things tech and SEO back in Europe. Contributing editors Kris Fant, Lynda Lahman, Elisa Wirkala, and Sara Parlier are making awesome things happen in the United States, whereas our contributing editor and off-road maniac Gabriella Linford covers UK and Australia.

Some of us are terrified of excel sheets and failure, some are horrible at spelling, and some get carried away sometimes. But together, running on enthusiasm, inspiration, and intuition, we’re excited to bring you the best of Women ADV Riders Magazine every day!

EGLE GERULAITYTE: The Wandering Scribe

ADV Rider,  journalist, two-wheeled globetrotter and rally racing newbie, Egle is currently rolling around the world on a tatty DR650 covering adventure motorcycling, rally racing, and women’s adventures.

ADV Rider Sigita

SIGITA VAICIUTE: The Grey Cardinal

Marketing and insight genius; ferocious critic; undecided discoverer, currently looking for a bike.

 ADV Rider Lynda


Author of four wonderful books; elegant Iron Butt rally explorer; currently coaching people on mental skills, learning to ride off-road and working on another manuscript.

 ADV Rider Elisa Wirkala

ELISA WIRKALA: The Minimalist

A fierce ADV rider and explorer; multi-talented wordsmith and a budding finance and travel budgeting virtuoso; DR650 – wheeled wayfarer, currently traveling the world at her own pace.

 ADV Rider Kris Fant

KRIS FANT: The Technocrat

Undefeated off-road maniac; curious mechanic; DR650 rider, currently polishing her trail riding skills and sharing her discoveries with the world.

 ADV Rider Sara Palier

SARA PARLIER: The Enthusiast

A sworn dirt bike aficionado; a horse whisperer, radio DJ and tech genius; budding writer and social media savant, currently preparing to take on the Trans American Trail and the Women ADV Riders web scene.


The farm girl from Australia, Gabby is all about off-road.  Having enjoyed a childhood trail riding in the great southern land, she’s now seeking out what’s on offer in the dirt riding world of the UK and Europe.  She loves getting off the beaten track, loves a challenge, and loves to do it all on 2 wheels!



WANT TO JOIN THE TROUPE? HOLLER: womenadvriders@gmail.com