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Why do I have to pay for WoW?

Because Women ADV Riders WoW magazine is completely ad and sponsored content free, we need your help to keep it – and the Women ADV Riders web content – going. Your support means the world to us!

Does this mean that the free web content will now stop?

No! We will never cease to produce great content on for free. The monthly WoW issue is not a substitute, but an addition!

How is WoW content different from the free content?

Both as individuals and as the Women ADV Riders team, we are constantly trying to outdo ourselves. And we think we finally did – with WoW! WoW contains our very best features, greatest articles, most intriguing interviews and much more. WoW is, simply put, our best effort to date… And we think it’s worth a read!

But I don’t really have time to read magazines!

Then watch or listen – WoW will include audio interviews and short videos so you can just listen while driving, or watch while having a coffee!

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Our system is not capable of saving your card details which is why auto-fill is disabled. However, that does not mean the connection is insecure: making a Women ADV Riders WoW purchase is 100% safe!

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