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Dare to explore.

Don’t have the right bike, the right budget, or the right set of skills? We don’t care! As long as you want to ride, we want to share your story and inspire thousands of other women adventure motorcyclists across the globe.

women adv riders

Women ADV Riders is a free overland magazine for motorcycling women all over the world. Created by a team of adventurous gals from different corners of the planet, this magazine hopes you’ll get inspired – and get going! We love hearing about your victories and your fears, your rides and your falls, your dreams and your ride reports, and it doesn’t matter one bit whether you’ve been riding for a decade or just got your motorcycle license last week. At Women ADV Riders, we welcome all, and we want to hear from you all!

women adv riders

Women ADV Riders was born out of a simple desire to connect, share, and be inspired by other women riders across the globe. There are more of us than we know – and we’re up to some pretty amazing things! So many of you are riding around the world on your own. So many of you are helping other women to learn to ride or work on their bikes. So many of you are trying to give back. So many of you simply enjoy adventure motorcycling so much you just can’t sit still!

women adv riders

Our mission: to inspire women’s motorcycle adventures both around the corner and around the world.

Our vision: a live and diverse community giving voice and space to motorcycling women adventurers around the planet. Dare to explore!

Created by women, enjoyed by all.


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5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Larry W.Menefee says:

    I`m a guy and I would check it out. Great idea.

    1. Egle says:

      Thank you, Larry!

  2. Jalene Case says:

    In addition to the website above, we also have a moto travel website at:


    I’m writing to you from Chile where my husband and I are 483 days into riding our motorcycles from Oregon, to Canada, to the southern tip of South America.

    One of your Women ADV Rider peeps suggested that I submit an article to you that focuses on a topic that I’ve been noticing and writing about during our travels, which is an inner perspective of traveling by motorcycle.

    If this sound like a swell idea to you, would you tell me what you need from me? For example, do you like to keep your articles to an approximate number of words, tips for sending you photos, etc.


    1. Egle says:

      Hola Jalene! Thanks for getting in touch – and check your inbox;)

  3. Mike Stoehr says:

    Bought a copy of ADVMOTO magazine out of curiosity. Read the article about Lea Rieck and her solo trip around the world on her Triumph Tiger XCA. Wound up here checking out this website. Must say, great stuff!! Been riding on and off for about 45 years. Always sport bikes, heavy cruisers mostly. Being the father of four grown girls, I have always encouraged women to get on a motorcycle and experience the freedom and joy of riding for themselves. I applaud the courage and the adventurous spirit of the ladies here on this site! You guys rock!!

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