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riding tired Pat Jacques

How to handle riding tired?

BY PAT JACQUES The short answer to this question is “don’t do it.” Riding when you’re tired exponentially increases the chances of accidents. We’ve all heard “ride your own ride” and “ride within your ability.”  Sage advice that applies here!  Riding your own ride means

Riding in the Dark

BY DUSTY WESSELS, WEST 38 MOTO Riding in the dark is best avoided whenever possible. But sometimes, you just need to make distance or get to the campsite, and there’s simply no choice.

U-Turns On Gravel

BY DUSTY WESSELS, WEST 38 MOTO How do you make tight U-turns on gravel, especially uphill? Making tight U-turns on gravel can be challenging, and this is one of the things we teach  in our beginner classes.

target fixation

Avoiding Target Fixation

BY PAT JACQUES Photos by Cathy Larson, Griz Girl Photography Target fixation describes a situation where riders fixate or stare at an obstacle they want to avoid and end up hitting the obstacle.