Ladies of Madness: March Moto Madness PNW 2017

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Oh ladies of madness, who plans a motorcycle rally in the Northern Hemisphere in March, when the rain is thick, the ground is muddy, and every trail has dozens of lakes?  The GS Giants do!  Women ADV Riders attended March Moto Madness PNW (Pacific Northwest) this year, and had a heck of a lot of fun! 

What is it?

Ladies of Madness

A Wet Event

March Moto Madness started as an event to get riding season kicked off early.  March weather can be unpredictable, but back in 2006 a few folks in Tennessee decided that this didn’t matter, and that it would be the perfect time for a rally.  In 2012, the BMW GS Giants officially joined the effort, and since then the event has become a worldwide phenomenon. Every event has camping, planned rides, challenges, and FOOD.  Count us in!

Ladies of Madness

Beginning the Challenge Course

Who does it benefit?

Well, the rider, for one.  It is so much fun to be in the wilderness with 100 friends crazy enough to camp and ride in March.  In addition, March Moto Madness PNW is a charitable event. This year all the proceeds were donated to Lost for a Reason and Veteran’s Back 40 Adventure , two amazing motorcycle oriented charities.      

What can I expect?

Friday afternoon there was an optional four-hour training session, to get us ready for whatever Saturday ride we chose. Friday night, we were treated to an amazing fresh BBQ dinner from our volunteers.  Following dinner, there was a rider’s meeting to discuss the basics for the next couple days. There was also a group campfire to warm up your chilled bones next to a couple dozen of your new best friends.

Ladies of Madness

Gals of the Trail

Saturday was the main event. The day started early for many riders, with breakfast at 7:00 am and organized rides scheduled to leave at 8:00 am.  Everyone had the goal to be back by 3:30 for the challenge course, because the challenge course was not to be missed. Whether you chose to participate or spectate, there was endless laughter watching people try to wrap a rope around a trash can three times without killing the bike or letting the rope touch the ground, dash between swinging tires, shoot a dart gun while riding, or carry a tennis ball through a creek and drop it into a jar.  

Ladies of Madness

Sue, Wrapping the Can

Following this hilarity, there was a catered dinner, silent auction, raffle, and finally the announcement of the winners of the challenge course.  All the proceeds went to the causes mentioned above, so people were excited to get great deals and contribute.  

Ladies of Madness

Love Us Some Mud!

Sunday morning wrapped up the rally with  a light breakfast, after which most people packed up and left.  Soggy, tired, and happy, I found myself already wanting to schedule a trip to March Moto Madness PNW 2018.  I hope to see you there!

Ladies of Madness

See You Next Year!



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