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Women Adventure Riders Magazine

both round the corner and around the world.

Our vision:

The vision of Women ADV Riders Magazine is to be a diverse, live platform giving voice and space to motorcycling women adv riders around the globe. Ride reports, travel stories, motorcycle travel inspiration, practical info and tips, interviews, features, and photography as well as diaries, art, insights about organic traveling, and mindful exploration. While there are quite a few women’s motorcycling magazines out there already, there is no women ADV rider publication in existence yet – and we intend to fill the void.

According to research, the number of women motorcyclists has recently hit an all – time high: in the United States, women riders now account for 14 percent of the motorcycling population. Comparing to 2003, our numbers have doubled! However, this is not reflected in the adventure motorcycling publications: a 100% of both digital and print magazines currently published are aimed at and produced by largely male adventure motorcyclists.

We aim to fill the vacuum and provide female adventure riders around the world with a publication meant to celebrate the unique yet rarely documented experiences of women motorcyclists, build a strong community, and become a social influence.

Women ADV riders’ magazine is a brand new publication that aims to change the way female adventure riders are perceived and seen today. In addition, a new riding magazine with a fresh outlook on motorcycling, ADV riding, and women adventure riders offers a new perspective, valuable, authentic content, and a different view on the world of motorcycling.

Created by women, for women.

Ladies (and gentlemen!), we’ve got some exciting news! We have launched the very first digital issue of Women ADV Riders WoW – a magazine dedicated to motorcycling women adventurers across the globe!


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