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riding RTW

Tired of Riding RTW: Am I Adventurous?

Dear Lynda, I’m on this epic, once-in-a-lifetime journey riding RTW at the moment, and it seems like people expect me to be high on life every single day just because I’m on the road, but frankly, I think I’ll be quite happy when I finally

supporting women riders

Supporting Women Adventure Riders

I’d love to see more companies supporting women adventure riders  as well as vote with my dollars and only buy from companies, dealerships, riding schools, etc. that I know are women-friendly, women-owned or that support and encourage women riders.

Traveling solo

Traveling Solo as A Woman

I often invite other travelers to travel with me, not because I am afraid to travel alone or because I want to travel with people, but if something did happen to me, I think people would say it was my fault.

women and motorcycling

Women and Motorcycling: To Dress or Not to Dress?

Whenever I see scantily clad women posing next to motorcycles and complain that this is not quite the image we as women riders want to portray, I meet the argument that it’s perfectly fine because some women choose to do this, or I’m told to