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Travel Psychology

The Psychology of Travel: Overcoming the Obstacles Podcast II

In the second part of this two-part Travel Psychology podcast series, author of Ubuntu and world traveler Heather Ellis talks with Jacqui Kennedy of Postie Notes and Women ADV Riders Contributing Editor Elisa Wirkala as they discuss travel psychology and life on the road: When things take a

Raising Adventurous Children

Every parent begins the process of raising a child with a mixture of hopes, dreams, and fears. And though each child is born with a temperament encoded in their DNA, fostering the right attitudes at home guides our children to become adventurous and confident adults

How To Boost Your Confidence Riding Anne Speed Women ADV Riders

How To Boost Your Confidence Riding

  Have you just had a break from riding, for whatever reason (a long winter break or recovering from surgery) and the thought of riding or taking a particular route suddenly fills you with trepidation? For all of us, there are periods in our lives